What is a Knee Mill?

Welcome to Hi-Tek Balancing!Here at Hi-Tek Balancing, we work with quite a few different types of machines regularly. Each of our machines fulfills a slightly different purpose, enabling us to create and repair complicated machine parts for many types of equipment. This month we’d like to explain a little about our knee mills. A knee mill is a milling machine that has an x-y table that can be adjusted vertically up and down the column. They are also sometimes referred to as a knee-and-column mill. Most other types of milling machines have x-y tables that are stationary instead. As you can imagine, this gives us more flexibility in the shop.

Vertical milling machines are designed to work and shape metal by applying rapidly spinning tools to a stationary workpiece, clamped to the x-y table. This is basically the opposite of how lathes work, where the tools are stationary and the workpiece is the part that spins. Other than knee mills, there are many other types of milling machines that operate in the same fashion. The difference between them all is typically the different positions and directions that you are able to move the workpiece.­

In our shop we have two knee mills, 10”x54”, with #40 taper spindles. We use them to work and shape metal in order to create custom machinery components for our clients, who rely on us to keep their equipment in great condition. If you rely on machines and other equipment for production, make sure you’re performing regular inspections and routine maintenance! Give us a call with any questions, we are sure to be able to help you out.