HI-TEK Balancing is a Leader in Engineering

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HI-TEK Balancing is a Leader in Engineering

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HI-TEK Balancing, Inc., Lunenburg,MA was established in 1998 to provide industrial balancing, vibration analysis, tooling, machining, and welding to a wide range of companies and industries — in-house, in our customers’ facilities, or in the field. Our state of-the-art 4500-square-foot facility offers sophisticated diagnostic and repair services to eliminate harmful vibration and noise in a wide range of machine components and assemblies, from the largest industrial machinery to the smallest and most technologically advanced medical and scientific systems. To learn more about HI-TEK Balancing, visit https://www.hitekbalancing.com, email info@hitekbalancing.com, or call 978-840-9781.

[See large version of document for photo] This precision rotating optical device measures less than six inches. Assemblies like this and much smaller can be balanced on our specialized equipment.

Nominate engineering leadership for a person or inventor, engineering leadership by a specific department, or an overall company accomplishment.

We ask the right questions to get you the right answers for your vibration problems.
Vibration is usually caused by parts that are unbalanced as a result of asymmetrical manufacturing. To really understand vibration and its sources, you need to have a thorough knowledge of manufacturing processes. Resolving a vibration problem requires going beyond just balancing components to address the manufacturing cause.
We know the questions to ask to get you the solutions you need.
What sets us apart from the competition is our in-depth manufacturing expertise. Our firsthand experience in machining, molding, and finishing enable us to know where problems occur, quickly identify your vibration source, and provide the best, most economical remedy to eliminate it. Our vibration analyses and solutions are precise, practical, and presented in a clear, easy-to understand way that enables you to implement them in hours or days, not weeks or months.
Complete vibration analysis and balancing services, from prototype to production.
Around the corner or around the world, we can accurately diagnose and solve your rotating or oscillating equipment vibration challenges quickly and cost-efficiently, in our facility or yours. Our in-house capabilities range from diagnosing and fixing components weighing under an ounce, all the way up to ten tons. From wire winders in China to prototype micro-medical breathing assist blowers, we can analyze and solve virtually any vibration problem, from the largest industrial applications to the smallest technological ones.

Our wide range of services include:
• Dynamic balancing of any rotating machine component or assembly
• Capacity from 1 ounce to 20,000 pounds
• Rotating component analysis, injection mold balancing
• Machining, welding, and repair of rotating machine parts
• On site vibration and sound level testing
• On-site/in-place rotating machinery repair

To learn more about our services, visit us online at https://www.hitekbalancing.com/ or call 978-840-9781 for even faster service.

[See large version of document for photo] We perform vibration analysis on a wide range of components and assemblies – from sophisticated micro drives to industrial components that weigh thousands of pounds, such as this impeller. The impeller weighs 20,000 pounds and is 14 feet in diameter.