What is broaching?

hitek logoSometimes it’s easy to forget that the industry-specific language that we use every day can be used in a different context to mean something else entirely. Terms like “broaching” don’t really provide any extra details to help you figure out what it means. We have a broaching press (18” travel ) in our shop, but if you aren’t familiar with the machine, you probably don’t know how we can use it to help you.

Broaching is a type of machining that uses a tool called a broach to remove material from metal objects. The broach has many teeth that can come in several different shapes. The two main types of broaching are linear and rotary. These names refer to the directions in which the broach is moved against the metal material. Most broaching presses are linear. Rotary broaches are used in lathes or screw machines. Broaching is a technique that offers great precision, so it’s often used to make unusually shaped pieces.

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What is Whip Balancing?

Hi-Tek BalancingWhip balancing is an important part of maintenance for machines that have rotors. Resonant frequency is another name for whip. The resonant frequency is a measure of the speed, in cycles per minute, that a rotor will vibrate when forced off-balance.

A good example of this concept is a diving board. Having a long diving board means that after you jump off, it will vibrate much more than a shorter diving board. The flexibility or springiness of the longer diving board means that it has a higher resonant frequency. The frequency of these vibrations is high and the amplitude is low. A shorter diving board would result in vibrations with a lower frequency and a higher amplitude. Continue reading “What is Whip Balancing?”