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Case Studies

Airflow Induced Vibration Case Study

We recently got a call from a customer with a vibration problem affecting a highly-advanced production process in a fiber optic manufacturing facility. The customer makes fiber optic strands – tiny glass threads produced by heating and stretching glass tubes into long optical fibers capable of transmitting signals via light over very long distances. Up to hundreds of these optical fibers are bundled into sophisticated data transmission cables designed to transmit vast amounts of information….READ MORE

Industrial Cooling Pump Rebuilds

The assembly above is the final installed arrangement. There are two hydrodynamic bearings on the shaft. The balancing tolerances are applied at those locations. There is a coupling at the far end. The pump runs vertically, impeller down. The assembly is 15,000 pounds. These pumps have been balanced multiple times during previous rebuilds…READ MORE
Upon inspection, the shaft had a sleeve installed over the original shaft and a modern Spherical Roller bearing was installed over that. The sleeve was installed at one time in attempt to save the fan shaft. The bearing journal under the sleeve had worn. The original fan shaft is almost 100 years old. In the 20’s and 30’s oil film babbit bearings were used. The shaft was the friction surface. At some time, that bearing surface reached its service life. The repair sleeve had come loose from the shaft. READ MORE
Centrifuge scroll. Used in separating liquid from sludge. This is the internal component that spins just slightly less than an outer shell about 3450 rpm. There are roller bearing internal. There are no outside Journals. This customer sent this from a New Jersey equipment repair facility. No other balancing shop in the Jersey New York area had a solution. At HI-TEK we complete challenging unusual tasks like this on a regular basis. READ MORE
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