Micro Balancing

Micro Balancing in Worcester, MAThe term “micro balancing” can refer to very tight tolerance balancing of rotating parts or can refer to the component size. Micro balancing throughout the country is a process where rotating parts, such as small electric motor armatures, are mounted or rested on a force-measuring fixture in a dynamic balancing machine.

In the micro balancing process, parts are spun to speeds high enough to measure the unbalance forces. The two plane balancer used in micro balancing can measure these forces and produce data allowing the operator to add or remove material from the rotating component. Micro balancing sometimes refers to “very low tolerance”. Unbalance is quantified using units such as gram inches, or Ounce Inches, or micro ounce inches.

Micro balancing can also refer to very small parts. Hi-Tek can micro balance very small parts — as small as one ounce part weight and as large as 22,000 pounds. Micro balancing requires a high level of precision. The ability to measure and understand tenths of thousandths of an inch and sometimes millionths of an inch is imperative for any company providing micro balancing service.

If you’re an equipment owner or operator looking for micro balancing services for your machinery, test equipment, or other system using rotating parts, contact the micro balancing experts at Hi-Tek Balancing.