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Industrial Fan and Air Handler Repair and Balancing Services

We can provide all your air handler maintenance and repair. From routine bearing and drive belt replacement to complete overhauls including shaft repair and replacement. If you have repeated bearing failure, we can help. Many times, the drive is improperly sized causing unnecessary belt tension. This causes increased bearing stress and can wear out the fit of the bearing to the shaft. HI-TEK has developed unique repair procedures to repair shafts in place. We use metal, not glue or epoxy-based solutions.

Air handler fans are often forgotten until they stop working. Even with functioning chillers and heaters, the indoor climate of your building is not controlled if air is not moving. We are often contacted by commercial HVAC servicers and building maintenance staff for air handler refurbishment. To perform air handler refurbishment, we repair shafts with metal sleeves. We also replace bearings, belts, and adjust bearings and the supporting structure to maintain correct alignment. The final step in the process of air handler refurbishment is balancing by an experienced and knowledgeable technician to ensure vibration is minimal and shaft and bearing damage does not recur.

Solving Problems Others Can’t

Your HVAC contractor installs, cleans, and calibrates your system to ensure it cools or heats your building correctly. But there are some problems that they don’t know how to solve. If you have a fan or air handler that is vibrating, rattling, or grinding, we are the experts you need to call to solve these problems. We have tools and skills that your HVAC contractor does not have to diagnose vibration problems and solve them quickly. Save yourself time and money by calling us first before signing up for a costly replacement of equipment.

Fan Balancing

Like all rotating machinery, fans are prone to unbalance. Unbalance frequently occurs when one or more fan blades are heavier than all of the others. This can be caused by manufacturing defects for new fans or by wear and tear fans that have been operating for some time. The heavy blade pulls away from the shaft while the shaft rotates causing a vibration as it spins around. Balancing is the process of measuring how much heavier this blade or blades are and adding or removing weight to make all the blades similarly heavy. This reduces vibration down to an undetectable level. The results are a quiet and smooth-running air handler. Smooth-running air handlers are much more reliable and generally last longer than those with unbalanced fans.

Field Balancing

Many air handlers and fan systems that require air handler refurbishment are best balanced in the field. Components are large and assemblies are complicated. Bringing our industrial fan repair services to your location saves the time, money, and effort required to pack and ship these pieces to us. In many cases, we can provide solutions faster because we are on-site with the system in place. This translates to less downtime for your plant or equipment.

Life Expectancy

There are many old buildings in our operating territory. Old buildings often have old air handling systems. With large old buildings comes large, old ducts, fans, belts, and electric

Many of these systems though are not necessarily obsolete. The costs for replacing large systems are generally much larger than our industrial fan repair services. By repairing the shaft, cleaning the system, replacing the bearings, and balancing the fan and other rotating components, we can help your older air handling system run for many more years to come.

Comparing The Costs to Replace an Air Handler Fan

Repairing an air handler is often an expensive endeavor. The cost savings are real compared to a total replacement of the system. In many cases we have prevented the need for a total replacement of an older system by providing repair with a mix of stock and custom repair solutions. HI-TEK Balancing’s air handling repair services are designed to prevent costly replacement and preserve the operation of your current system.


We typically refurbish air handlers in large building HVAC systems such as those in large hotels, large office buildings, stadiums, public schools, and universities. We also service very large industrial fans for ventilation and cooling systems in power plants and other high output industrial applications. Even if your industry isn’t listed, we offer air handler refurbishment for any fan that moves air.

Replacing Bearings

An essential part of air handler refurbishment is replacing bearings. We source new bearings for your fans. We disassemble your unit, clean it, remove the old bearings, check the shaft for wear, and install the new bearings ensuring they are aligned properly. We have done this on-site for many customers throughout New England.

Shaft Repair

See our Shaft Repair page.

Belt Replacement

Drive belts should be replaced during regular service of air handlers. During the repair process we source and install new belts.

Belt Replacement

Some air handlers, like many other rotating machines, are poorly supported by their structure. When a structure’s natural resonant frequency is near the rotating speed of the fan, excess vibration reverberates through the structure causing large amounts of noise and excessive wear. Some weak support structures even yield and fail when this occurs.

HI-TEK Balancing has the vibration equipment to determine if your equipment is rotating near resonance. We also have the engineering and fabricating staff to repair and reinforce supporting structures to repair and stiffen the supporting structure to prevent the resonance problem from recurring.

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