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Large Rotor Balancing Services

At HI-TEK we are experts at large rotor balancing. Our personnel know how to handle large parts and our 10 metric-ton overhead bridge crane allows us to handle your parts with the care they deserve.

Hi-Tek Balancing has built much of its own balancing equipment using modern electronics to give us the best usability in the industry.

Our balancing machine for rotors is a 20,000 pound Gisholt soft bearing balancer that was first built in the 1950’s and is made of extremely heavy fabricated steel plate. We have updated the balancing machine for rotors with bearing roller assemblies custom designed and built at our facility. They are self-aligning to reduce thrusting to prevent shaft damage.

The balancing stands sit on a custom rail foundation with the capability for rotors of over 35 feet in length and 14 foot diameter. Coupled with modern electronics, this balancer can measure less than .0005 in displacement at as low as 80 rpm. We have engineered this machine to have a tune-able resonant frequency. This allows us to balance large rotors to low tolerances without having to spin heavy rotors at high speed. This saves our customers time and money. Our balancing machine for rotors differs from competitors’ hard bearing balance machines that require faster rotating speeds (and longer spin-up and spin-down times) to achieve precise unbalance readings. 

Hi-Tek has two other high capacity balance machines for rotors. These are soft and hard bearing balancers that allow us to handle large rotors from 500 pounds up to 10,000 pounds.

On-Site Rotor Balancing

Our portable balance machine for rotors measures vibration for large rotors on-site. For parts that spin in their operating assembly we can use our portable balance machine for rotors to measure and correct unbalance for large rotors in-situ. This saves our customers money and time by eliminating the need for disassembly, packaging, and shipping.

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