On-Site Shaft Repairs

On-Site Shaft Repairs in [kds_location]Here at HI-TEK Balancing we specialize in repairing shafts and rebuilding air handlers in high rise buildings and other production facilities. Normal commercial shaft-to-bearing fits are many times too loose to maintain long term reliability, requiring periodic shaft repairs and often times on-site shaft repairs.

Imprecise shaft-to-bearing fits eventually result is shaft damage as the bearing loosens up on the shaft, resulting in the need for on-site shaft repairs and typically shaft replacement. Many times, though, the shaft can be repaired in place by producing a custom thick wall sleeve and inventing a different bearing arrangement using brackets and different style bearings, therefore maintaining shaft height location and universal interchangeability.

Shaft sleeve kits for onsite shaft repairs can usually be produced from photographs and some basic measurements taken by the on-site maintenance persons. The sleeve kit can straddle the worn area, eliminating the need to replace the shaft, saving time and money for on-site shaft repairs.

Sometimes on site shaft repairs involve cutting the shaft completely off and a new stub installed in place. Practical, time- and money-savings onsite shaft repair solutions are what set us apart from the competition — we fix what others fail to do with less downtime and hassle. We can even balance the fan when we are done. In fact, on-site shaft repairs around the country is a specialty here at Hi-Tek Balancing.

Call us for a quick easy solution to rotating equipment repair needs and on-site shaft repairs across the country. We invite you to go to our website to see some repair examples.