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On-Site Balancing

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On-Site Balancing Services

HI-TEK provides on-site balancing services worldwide. Our technicians are often dispatched to domestic and international locations to provide maintenance to rotating machine parts. We have worked in many diverse regions from the Bahamas to Shanghai, China. We have successfully solved vibration problems that other firms have failed to solve. Using our extensive shop balancing knowledge, our technicians can quickly expedite the best solution to your most difficult on-site vibration problems.

Many of our customers prefer on-site services because they allow assemblies to be balanced in their current operating state. This saves the customers the cost of assembly and disassembly, shipping and packaging. On-site balancing service also allows us to service systems after they are manufactured. Many assemblies such as ship drivetrains and large pumps and turbines cannot be disassembled without significant and costly effort. Onsite balancing service prevents these costly efforts. 

Domestic On-Site Balancing

We offer on-site balancing services to many industries around the country. We service rotating machine parts in countless industries including large building HVAC, power generation, shipbuilding, aircraft, and any other industrial field where assemblies rotate and vibrate. Our completely portable equipment allows technicians to quickly and easily travel to provide on-site balancing services by land or air as soon as the need arises. 

International On-Site Balancing

Our experience domestically with on-site balancing services is easily extended to international locations. In a world where remote locations are only a jet ride away, we have easily provided on-site balancing services to customers all over the world. Our portable, battery-operated on-site balancing equipment operates easily in remote areas with little infrastructure allowing us to measure and correct for unbalance in these locations.

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