Shaft Balancing

Shaft balancing in rotating machinery is a critical operation because it helps prevent premature wear and tear and even the destruction of that piece of equipment. If you have shaft-driven machinery that needs maintenance or repair, we have the tools and expertise to perform static and dynamic balancing here at HI-TEK Balancing as well as in the field.

Our complete shaft balancing services include:

  • Dynamic balancing
  • Static balancing
  • Mass centering
  • Accurate material removal and addition with in-house machining
  • Trouble-shooting and balancing where others fail
  • Predictive maintenance and vibration analysis services 

When an unbalanced system is rotating, periodic linear and/or torsional forces are generated which are perpendicular to the axis of rotation. The periodic nature of these forces is commonly experienced as vibration. These off-axis vibration forces may exceed the design limits of individual machine elements, affecting equipment performance as well as reducing the service life of these parts. This is when it becomes crucial to perform shaft balancing, or even on site at your location, if necessary.

If your rotating machinery is experiencing vibration that you suspect is being caused by an out-of-balance shaft, that could be the result of missing balance weights, broken welds, dirt or paint build-up or even a bent shaft. Shaft balancing becomes necessary any time there is a shift of the shaft’s center of gravity relative to the axis of rotation. Whatever the cause, our shaft balancing experts here at HI-TEK have the skills, resources, and experience to quickly and effectively rebalance the shaft, regardless of the size or type of rotating equipment.


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