Our facility includes the following equipment and services:

Machine Tools

  • (2) Knee Mills 10”x54”, with # 40 taper spindles
  • Broaching press 18” travel
  • Horizontal roll drilling up to 3” diameter in  steel
  • Turning 20”x80” max.
  • Cylindrical and ID grinding, 11” dia x 24” long
  • Heat treat oven 16” cubic
  • Numerous heavy abrasive belt grinders

Welding Services

  • Certified GMAW Welding
  •  GTAW, SMAW, Spray welding and Hard facing
  • Flame spray welding for shaft journal repair and wear resistance
  • Gas Tungsten Arc (TIG) on stainless, bronze, steel and aluminum
  • Gas Metal Arc (MIG) on stainless, steel, and aluminum
  • Gas welding and brazing including aluminum brazing for bearing bore repair in aluminum castings
  • Flame cutting off hand  and machine pattern cutting

For your next balancing project, production run, vibration problem, service or repair need, or customized balancing system, use our contact page to us, or call 978-840-9781