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Vibration Monitoring Services

Vibration monitoring is a highly effective way to protect your rotating machinery from diminished performance and early failure. While some facilities work on a run-to-failure policy that keeps their machinery running until it fails, others schedule regular and sometimes unnecessary maintenance. Both strategies can result in wasteful downtime and expense.

Instead, vibration monitoring for commercial or industrial areas in which rotating machinery plays a key role is a better solution for keeping machinery up and running with minimal downtime and loss of productivity.

Vibration monitoring can benefit your business and your equipment in six ways:

It’s quick and efficient when you add vibration monitoring devices and software to your systems
You can discover problems sooner to prevent excessive damage and downtime
It increases reliability and productivity because you can monitor your machinery for optimum performance
It’s safer because poorly-running machinery can damage facilities and injure workers
It provides peace of mind because you no longer have to guess how your machinery is functioning
It saves you money with fewer and less expensive maintenance and repairs

Vibration comes from the rotating shaft, adjacent machines, foundation, noise, rotating components, structural resonances, flow turbulences, and other sources. When machines are monitored with methods such as vibration analysis, they don’t require a tear-down to find out its condition. When a machine condition fault comes up through vibration monitoring, a repair can be scheduled when it’s needed — not before and not too late.


Condition Monitoring Services

Condition-based monitoring uses vibration monitoring to assess the condition of a mechanical system while it’s operating. By monitoring the condition of your mechanical system actively, repairs are anticipated as very early symptoms of failure are detected. Condition-based monitoring signals repairs to components that wear right when they are necessary. Condition monitoring services save the costs associated with early replacement or extensive repair work from components that have failed before worn conditions were detected.. 

HI-TEK offers condition monitoring services to ensure that problems are anticipated and costly repairs are avoided. To learn more about vibration monitoring, contact the vibration experts here at HI-TEK Balancing.

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