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Electric Motor Balancing Services

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Electric Motor Balancing Services

Electric motors are used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. The goal of electric motor balancing is to significantly reduce vibration of the motor rotor. An unbalanced electric motor runs the risk of damaging or even destroying the motor shaft and bearings, causing added system expense and downtime that can affect your operations and production. By performing motor rotor balancing, electric motors can last much longer without failures due to vibrations. Reducing vibrations with electric motor balancing helps minimize wear on all internal components which helps electric motors last much longer.

Electric motor balancing at HI-TEK Balancing is performed by mounting the entire motor on a balancing fixture. The motor shaft is rotated by an external motor to ensure that the only contribution to the vibration signal is the dynamic unbalance of the motor, not it’s operating noise. The electric motor balancing fixture is equipped with accelerometers that sense the vibration of the spinning motor rotor. The ability to balance electric motors directly allows us to isolate and accurately measure the source of vibration in the electromechanical system.

Our electric motor balancing service ensures that electric motor operators do not need to rebalance either the motor itself or the rotors driven by the motor when the unit is returned to its application. By correcting unbalance on both components separately we can ensure that the components can be reassembled in any orientation without introducing new unbalance.

Sometimes, electric motors are blamed for unbalance in other parts of the mechanical system they are a part of. We investigate the real source of the unbalance. The dynamic vibrations could be caused by unbalance in the motor rotor, the shaft, any pulleys, fans or other attached parts. Our diagnostic process allows us to find the source of the unbalance and correct it, saving our customers time and money.

By performing electric motor balancing accurately and reliably for our customers, they are able to run their electric motors for years rather than months because we remove the unbalance that causes their assemblies to wear faster than they would normally.

If you have an electric motor that’s running roughly and at less than optimal performance, chances are good it might need to be rebalanced. The electric motor balancing experts here at HI-TEK Balancing can quickly and accurately diagnose your problem and perform electric motor balancing to get your electric motor back up and running at peak performance.

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