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New England Balancing and Vibration Monitoring Field Services

New England is known as the home of the industrial revolution and continues to be home to hundreds of industries, from agriculture and manufacturing to energy and education. Businesses in all of these industries depend on HI-TEK Balancing for vibration analysis and services.

Our services can’t be found just anywhere and we have businesses from across the country – and across the globe! – reach out to us for assistance. In fact, HI-TEK Balancing is known for our expert team’s ability to complete challenging and unusual tasks that other service providers can’t solve. From balancing complicated equipment like centrifuges to repairing antiquated air shafts, companies across New England count on HI-TEK.

We have the area’s most comprehensive in-shop and on-site vibration analysis and balancing services. Almost any component can be dynamically or statically balanced in our shop, but we also offer portable balancing that can be performed on-site at your facility. We call New England home and offer our field services to companies in:

  • New Hampshire
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont

Not every company can offer field services — it requires technicians who can identify if a system is in resonance and have access to the best portable balancing electronics. You’ll find both with HI-TEK. Headquartered in Lunenburg, MA, our company is proud to support the region’s balancing needs. Both in-house and in the field we offer:

  • Dynamic balancing
  • Whip balancing
  • Static balancing
  • Mass centering
  • Accurate material removal and addition with in-house machining
  • Trouble-shooting and balancing where others fail
  • Predictive maintenance and vibration analysis services
  • Micro balancing for small parts, < 1oz. wt.
  • Large Rotor balancing up to 30’ long and 22,000 lbs

Purchasing in-house equipment is expensive. Hiring the expertise internally to solve complex balancing issues on rotors, turbines, propellers, and shafts is almost impossible. Combine that with our additional services of milling, turning, and equipment repair and it’s no surprise companies across New England trust HI-TEK Balancing and our field services. Call 978-840-9781 today or contact us to schedule a consultation and we’ll quickly diagnose your problem and get your business running smoothly again.

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