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Custom Fabrication Services and Machinery Repair

Custom fabrication services is the equipment repair strategy of choice for old or worn-out machinery and systems. At HI-TEK Balancing, we provide complete custom fabrication services that can help add years to the life of equipment that may be too expensive – or even impossible – to replace easily. If your equipment has rotating parts, chances are good we can refurbish or repair it with our comprehensive custom fabrication services, saving you time and money.

Our Custom fabrication services includes:

Failure analysis
Part design
Custom fabrication and installation
On-site repairs, depending on size and scope of service needed

In many cases, machinery designed and manufactured today performs poorly or fails prematurely. Often we can design and fabricate replacement parts that are better and will last much longer than the original equipment. HI-TEK has certified welders experienced in GTAW, SMAW, and GMAW processes who can work wonders on damaged and disabled rotating machinery. Their custom fabrication expertise and experience enables them to make fast, efficient, and cost-effective repairs that will have your equipment back in service quickly. We offer custom fabrication services and equipment fabrication and maintenance for heavy commercial power equipment and rotating components in either our facilities or yours, depending on the size and installation of the machinery.

Shaft repairs are a specialty here at HI-TEK. Sometimes custom fabrication services are the answer and the shaft can be repaired in place by producing a custom thick wall sleeve and inventing a different bearing arrangement using brackets and different style bearings, therefore maintaining shaft height location and universal interchangeability.

Shaft sleeve kits for onsite custom fabrication can usually be produced from photographs and basic measurements taken by the on-site maintenance persons. The sleeve kit can straddle the worn area, eliminating the need to replace the shaft, saving time and money with parts custom fabrication.

Contact us today if you have rotating machinery in need of repair or refurbishing – we’ve got the custom fabrication experts to handle just about any repair project, large or small.
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