Balancing Jet Fuel-Powered Turbine Engines

Large stationary jet fuel-powered turbines are the solution for many industrial applications where large amounts of rotational energy is needed in a comparatively small and compact package. As evident in commercial airline applications, the design constraints and the engineering solutions provided by jet turbine power, allow these motors to be used in a variety of […]
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We ask the right questions to get you the right answers for your vibration problems.

Vibration is usually caused by parts that are unbalanced as a result of asymmetrical manufacturing.  To really understand vibration and its sources, you need to have a thorough knowledge of manufacturing processes. Resolving a vibration problem requires going beyond just balancing components to address the manufacturing cause. We know the questions to ask to get […]
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What is broaching?

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the industry-specific language that we use every day can be used in a different context to mean something else entirely. Terms like “broaching” don’t really provide any extra details to help you figure out what it means. We have a broaching press (18” travel ) in our shop, but […]
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More About Welding

We wrote about some of our welding services a couple months ago and now we’re keeping our promise about the followup article! As we’ve said before, we offer many kinds of welding services and we want to make sure you know the difference between them. Here are a few more descriptions and explanations of the […]
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What is Welding?

Here at Hi-Tek Balancing, welding is just one of the many services we offer. Strike that- we offer way more than just ONE welding service. However, we want to make sure our audience understands exactly what welding is. There’s a reason we can offer so many different services – welding can be done in a […]
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Blower Fan Services

At Hi-Tek Balancing, we pride ourselves on getting the job done right. We offer specialized processes and all the right equipment for complete blower fan services. This includes casting, machining and balancing, giving us the ability to reduce cost and turn-around time for you and your business.
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