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Tips for Choosing the Right Dynamic Balancing Arbor

Dynamic balancing of rotating parts can be highly challenging when the component being balanced is part of an assembly and the shaft or spindle to which it mounts is not available for the balancing process. As a result, a specialized dynamic balancing arbor to simulate the in-situ mounting must be made to effectively clamp and hold the rotating part in place during the dynamic balancing process.

An additional challenge, however, is that custom dynamic balancing arbors often cost more than the components being balanced. While the tooling cost can be spread out over a number of components in large production lots, helping amortize the expense of the custom balancing arbor, the cost can be especially problematic for small numbers of components.

Here at HI-TEK Balancing, we are always looking for ways to reduce costs for our customers, especially when some level of customization is required for a particular job. Sometimes the balancing arbor needs to be durable and last for hundreds of cycles, which improves the return-on-investment (ROI) for developing the dynamic balancing arbor. However, there are also times when a unique arbor is only needed for just a few uses — or even just one use. In some cases, we can make a down-and-dirty single-use dynamic balancing arbor that works effectively for that specific part and project. Single-use dynamic balancing arbors may sometimes increase the time it takes to balance, but that is usually more than offset by the reduced up-front cost of the balancing arbor.

In some cases, parts can be balanced without an arbor. Soft bearing balancers can be used instead, with fixtures and inside diameter (ID) rollers or ID friction blocks that eliminate the need to produce a balancing arbor.

Going arbor-less also eliminates the errors created by dynamic balancing arbor fits and arbor runout. This can contribute significantly to the accuracy of the finished balance job. This method works especially well on high-speed turbo parts and parts with an obstructed mounting bore that prohibits an arbor from passing through the inside diameter. Another benefit is reduced lead time because no special tooling is required. For all these reasons, HI-TEK has acquired multiple balancers with the fixture ID balancing capability.

For more information about dynamic balancing arbors, contact the balancing arbor specialists here at HI-TEK Balancing, or call us today for a free consultation for all your balancing needs.

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