Dynamic Balancing Services

High Quality Dynamic balancing is required  for all types of rotating Machinery including Fans, Blowers, air handlers and propellers, impellers , motors  and other special rotating components from every industry imaginable. Balancing in our shop is performed on OEM parts and repaired parts before installation. Almost any component from a few grams to 20,000 pounds can be Dynamically or statically balanced in our shop. Field portable balancing can be performed on any rotating machinery at your facility. While portable field  balancing is similar in process to static and  dynamic balancing in a balancing machine, at our facility, In–situ Balancing can difficult to undertake because it often has to be conducted under less than ideal conditions.

Dynamic balancing equipment in situ (where it is installed) can be made difficult where system resonance exists. Knowing how to identify a system that is in resonance is an important part of a balancing technician’s job. The best portable balancing electronics use four-channel data acquisition.  Understanding telltale signs in the raw vibration data can tell you when system resonance is present. The trigger for making a call that a system is resonance usually starts with the technician having difficulty making balance corrections that produce efficient results.  Skilled Technicians like at HI-TEK can detect that before spending valuable time experimenting.

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Custom Fabrication Services

CNC MillingCustom fabrication to repair rotating machinery can help add years to the life of equipment that may be too expensive – or even impossible – to replace easily. If your equipment has rotating parts, chances are good we can refurbish or repair it with our comprehensive custom fabrication services, saving you time and money.

Rotating equipment can take a beating in many commercial and industrial settings. Heavy use, constant loads, and spotty maintenance can all take a toll on the performance and reliability of turbines, pumps, gearboxes, compressors, and other machinery with rotating components. When it breaks down, we can often design and fabricate replacement parts that are better and will last much longer than the original equipment.

Rotating shafts are especially subject to stresses and strains that can eventually cause them to go out of balance and fail. Fortunately, shaft repairs are a specialty here at HI-TEK and sometimes custom fabrication is a solution that enables the shaft to be repaired in place. In our experience, producing a custom thick wall sleeve and inventing a different bearing arrangement using brackets and different style bearings is the answer. Shaft sleeve kits for onsite fabrication can usually be produced from photographs and basic measurements taken by on-site maintenance personnel. The sleeve kit can straddle the worn area, eliminating the need to replace the shaft, minimizing equipment downtime and unnecessary expense.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Dynamic Balancing Arbor

Dynamic balancing of rotating parts can be highly challenging when the component being balanced is part of an assembly and the shaft or spindle to which it mounts is not available for the balancing process. As a result, a specialized dynamic balancing arbor to simulate the in-situ mounting must be made to effectively clamp and hold the rotating part in place during the dynamic balancing process.

An additional challenge, however, is that custom dynamic balancing arbors often cost more than the components being balanced. While the tooling cost can be spread out over a number of components in large production lots, helping amortize the expense of the custom balancing arbor, the cost can be especially problematic for small numbers of components.

Here at HI-TEK Balancing, we are always looking for ways to reduce costs for our customers, especially when some level of customization is required for a particular job. Sometimes the balancing arbor needs to be durable and last for hundreds of cycles, which improves the return-on-investment (ROI) for developing the dynamic balancing arbor. However, there are also times when a unique arbor is only needed for just a few uses — or even just one use. In some cases, we can make a down-and-dirty single-use dynamic balancing arbor that works effectively for that specific part and project. Single-use dynamic balancing arbors may sometimes increase the time it takes to balance, but that is usually more than offset by the reduced up-front cost of the balancing arbor.

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Balancing Jet Fuel-Powered Turbine Engines

picture of a marine turbineLarge stationary jet fuel-powered turbines are the solution for many industrial applications where large amounts of rotational energy is needed in a comparatively small and compact package. As evident in commercial airline applications, the design constraints and the engineering solutions provided by jet turbine power, allow these motors to be used in a variety of relatively portable applications.

At HI-TEK Balancing, Inc, we have set the industry standard for solving vibration problems that arise in turbine engines and are implemented in new portable applications during the design and installation stages. These applications where large power density is required include cruise ships, large oil tankers, large cargo ships, and military vessels. Turbine engines must be mated to either a generator or directly to a propeller via a transmission. The shafts that are used to connect these devices are often unique to the application of the turbine. Turbines are balanced by the manufacturer, but the unique connecting shafts require balancing due to error generated by the realities of the shaft manufacturing tolerances and reassembly fit-up error.

With the assumption that the majority of vibration is caused by unbalance of the shaft, the shaft vibration is measured by reading the orbital acceleration data at the ends of the shafts. Technically speaking, four accelerometers are attached to the turbine engine, two horizontal, two vertical. Four additional accelerometers in the same orientation are attached to the receiving end, gearbox or generator, depending on the driving method of the particular ship.

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We ask the right questions to get you the right answers for your vibration problems.

We perform vibration analysis on a wide range of components and assemblies - from sophisticated micro drives to industrial components that weigh thousands of pounds, such as this impeller.
We perform vibration analysis on a wide range of components and assemblies – from sophisticated micro drives to industrial components that weigh thousands of pounds, such as this impeller.

Vibration is usually caused by parts that are unbalanced as a result of asymmetrical manufacturing.  To really understand vibration and its sources, you need to have a thorough knowledge of manufacturing processes. Resolving a vibration problem requires going beyond just balancing components to address the manufacturing cause.

We know the questions to ask to get you the solutions you need.
What sets us apart from the competition is our in-depth manufacturing expertise. Our firsthand experience in machining, molding, and finishing enable us to know where problems occur, quickly identify your vibration source, and provide the best, most economical remedy to eliminate it. Our vibration analyses and solutions are precise, practical, and presented in a clear, easy-to-understand way that enables you to implement them in hours or days, not weeks or months.

Complete vibration analysis and balancing services, from prototype to production
Around the corner or around the world, we can accurately diagnose and solve your rotating or oscillating equipment vibration challenges quickly and cost-efficiently, in our facility or yours. Our in-house capabilities range from diagnosing and fixing components weighing under an ounce, all the way up to ten tons. From wire winders in China to prototype micro-medical breathing assist blowers, we can analyze and solve virtually any vibration problem, from the largest industrial applications to the smallest technological ones.

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Air Handler Shaft and Bearing Repair and Noise Reduction

“We replaced the bearings three times and it still makes noise”…Sound Familiar?

If you are responsible for the reliability of HVAC air handling equipment, you probably have units that rumble and make more noise than they should.

Most often this is due to the shaft to bearing fit up. Improper bearing installation can cause the bearing’s inner ring to wear a groove into the shaft.

Once the shaft is grooved it’s only a matter of time before you realize that repeated bearing changes is not the solution. You also know that shaft replacement is difficult and very expensive.

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