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Vibration Analysis

3 Top Reasons for Balancing With Hi-Tek

Rotating machinery is everywhere. We are often asked, ”What do you balance?” Rotating machines are responsible for making daily life possible. From heavy manufacturing to high rise building air conditioning – Rotating machinery utilizes high speed moving parts. These high speed moving parts need balancing. Over time those parts may go out of balance and […]
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What is Dynamic Balancing and why is HI-TEK the best choice?

All rotating components create some amount of vibration. When vibration becomes severe it can be very destructive when not corrected. Irregularities or asymmetries created either during the manufacturing process or due to wear are often the cause of vibration. They create a mismatch between the rotating axis established by the supporting shaft and bearings, and […]
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What is Whip Balancing?

Whip balancing is an important part of maintenance for machines that have rotors. Resonant frequency is another name for whip. The resonant frequency is a measure of the speed, in cycles per minute, that a rotor will vibrate when forced off-balance. A good example of this concept is a diving board. Having a long diving […]
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