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3 Top Reasons for Balancing With Hi-Tek

Rotating machinery is everywhere. We are often asked, ”What do you balance?” Rotating machines are responsible for making daily life possible. From heavy manufacturing to high rise building air conditioning – Rotating machinery utilizes high speed moving parts. These high speed moving parts need balancing. Over time those parts may go out of balance and begin to vibrate,causing the machine to run less efficiently. Also if the vibration and imbalance are not properly addressed it can cause adverse conditions on structures and the human environment. Severe vibration causes noise and human fatigue. That’s why there are companies such as ours that can analyze vibration and provide dynamic balancing and mechanical repairs and solutions to eliminate it.

There are any number of balancing service providers out there, so picking the right one to balance your machinery can be tricky. Here are three top reasons why you should balance with HI-TEK:

  1. Vibration analysis and balancing is all we do.

Many companies and repair shops offer balancing as just one of many services. If balancing is not their primary business, you run the risk of getting just an okay balancing job that will eventually need to be rebalanced, costing more time and money. Just because a facility is certified doesn’t mean they’re especially skilled at balancing. From highly-precise micro and medical balancing to large rotator balancing – from prototype to production — dynamic balancing is our main business.

At HI-TEK, dynamic balancing is what we do day in and day out, both in our state-of-the-art facility and out in the field. Our highly-experienced service technicians know the importance of fully understanding specifications and can meet them with fewer runs so you’re back up and running faster, minimizing downtime and saving money.

  1. We know the right questions to ask.

A good vibration analysis and balancing company knows where potential problems lie and asks smart questions about the machine and the application. Much like a doctor/patient relationship, it’s important for the balancing facility to ask the client for as much information as possible to help determine the source of the problem and what previous fixes were attempted, if any. By asking the right questions, we’ve often found that the problem originated with the specifications or an improper installation.

  1. We can help clients save money the smart way.

Some companies will have their dynamic balancing done at a “repair shop” because often their rates can be less. Unfortunately, they typically get what they pay for and wind up spending more in the long run because poorly balanced machines need to be rebalanced.

Industrial machinery can be highly complex, requiring custom precision balancing arbors and work-holding devices to accommodate spinning components or removing material to bring it back into balance. This can get expensive quickly. That’s why we save old arbors and tooling from previous jobs – many times it can be “repurposed” or easily modified for a current job, providing our clients significant savings compared to designing custom tooling from scratch.

Research and manufacturing machines are a capital expense and an asset that needs to be protected. Accurate, skilled dynamic balancing is a key factor in prolonging the life of a machine and ensuring optimal performance through its life. Why run the risk of entrusting your valuable machinery to anything less than a facility where dynamic balancing is its primary business?

You can put your trust in HI-TEK Balancing for all your balancing needs. Give us a call or fill out our Custom Quote Form. Someone will give you a call to answer all your Balancing and Vibration needs.

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