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What is Dynamic Balancing and why is HI-TEK the best choice?

Vibration AnalysisAll rotating components create some amount of vibration. When vibration becomes severe it can be very destructive when not corrected. Irregularities or asymmetries created either during the manufacturing process or due to wear are often the cause of vibration. They create a mismatch between the rotating axis established by the supporting shaft and bearings, and the axis of orbit around the actual center of mass of the rotating object. An unbalanced part tries to orbit about this axis of inertia while the shaft and bearings force the part to orbit about the different axis they dictate. This mismatch transmits the forces of vibration into the shaft and bearings, and their support structure causing stress and strain that these systems are not designed to handle.

Dynamic balancing is the process used to diagnose and correct the harmful vibration described above. We use purpose built dynamic balancing electronic instruments to aid in matching the axis of inertia about the center off mass, to the rotating axis established by the shaft and bearings.

At HI-TEK Balancing, we are able to create custom solutions to every rotating component with vibration problems. We can perform dynamic balancing in our shop on soft bearing and hard bearing balancing machines or at your location with the rotating component installed in your machine. The professional staff at HI-TEK will work with you to choose either the use of dynamic balancing machines at our facility or to use portable balancing electronics at your location. If components are being built by an OEM, at the component level, it often makes the most sense to balance them before they are installed in the machine. If the machine is large and its components are expensive to remove and transport, it is often more practical to balance the parts on site. There are exceptions. Some parts run at very high speeds and require balancing in the while installed on the shaft and bearings. It is impossible to balance some parts in their location because our technicians cannot access critical locations of the parts to make the necessary corrections.  At HI-TEK Balancing, we are experts in every case and can advise you as to the best and most economical route to success.

HI-TEK Balancing has 20 years of experience solving balancing and vibration problems. We thoroughly understand the processes required to diagnose, repair, upgrade, and improve all aspects of your rotating machinery. At HI-TEK our experienced mechanical engineers and machinists work together to best correct vibration problems.  We are experts in all aspects of rotating machinery including problems associated with bearings, shafts, isolation mounts, and structural resonance. Our facility is fully equipped for machining, welding, fabricating. Our over 20 balancing machines and correction equipment can handle parts that weigh just an ounce to over 20,000 pounds. Our 10MT overhead bridge crane allows us to handle parts safely and professionally to prevent damage. Our facility also employs machinery supported by 3D cad design modeling and CNC machinery. We are able to use CNC machines to make complex milled corrections on your parts. We have even successfully reverse-engineered critical components that have been discontinued.

The combination of our experienced and specialized staff paired with our state-of-the-art balancing facility allows us to solve vibration problems that many other competing firms have failed to pinpoint and resolve. Please contact us to learn how we can create a custom solution for your rotating components.

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