Dynamic Balancing Services

High Quality Dynamic balancing is required  for all types of rotating Machinery including Fans, Blowers, air handlers and propellers, impellers , motors  and other special rotating components from every industry imaginable. Balancing in our shop is performed on OEM parts and repaired parts before installation. Almost any component from a few grams to 20,000 pounds […]
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What is Dynamic Balancing and why is HI-TEK the best choice?

All rotating components create some amount of vibration. When vibration becomes severe it can be very destructive when not corrected. Irregularities or asymmetries created either during the manufacturing process or due to wear are often the cause of vibration. They create a mismatch between the rotating axis established by the supporting shaft and bearings, and […]
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Onsite Balancing

Onsite balancing is one of the many services we offer for the equipment that you just can’t pack up and ship out. It’s important to maintain each piece of your equipment so you can enjoy a streamlined workplace. Our onsite balancing technology is top of the line equipment that detects imbalance and helps us figure […]
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