Full-Service Vibration Analysis Services

Hi-Tek Balancing | Vibration Analysis

In many mechanical systems, vibration and the accompanying failures are multifaceted problems. Design of a mechanical system is often approached first from a static perspective. Designers are usually very successful in ensuring that their structures are sound when the system is powered off and no parts are moving. When the system is switched on and pieces begin to rotate, new forces and their resulting stresses develop throughout the system. Oftentimes designers do not anticipate these dynamic stresses. The stresses are cyclic at the rate of the rotating pieces. They can cause statically sound structures to fail easily if not anticipated.

Vibration analysis is the process of examining not just the rotating piece or pieces, but the whole mechanical system. HI-TEK is staffed with dynamic systems engineers that can effectively analyze these systems and recommend modifications to ensure system longevity.

Effective Vibration Analysis starts with understanding machine design from an engineering perspective. HI-TEK has extensive component design and manufacturing experience. Understanding component design allows us to have unparalleled insight into how those components affect the performance of the entire machine. Extensive in shop balancing experience, combined with CAD design and extensive ac and dc drive experience has given us a special ability to solve your machinery vibration problems. At HI-TEK, you always get definite answers with clear solutions to your machinery problems, saving you time and money.

Remote Vibration Diagnosis Services

HI-TEK can bring our vibration analysis services to remote locations to provide remote vibration diagnostic services. Our equipment is easily portable and our personnel is experienced in using it in remote or hard to access locations. Our remote vibration diagnostic service equipment is battery operated and stores its data onboard. We can provide remote vibration analysis for ships at sea, in areas with tight access, in undeveloped locations, and in rural areas.

Remote vibration diagnostic services save our customers time and money by eliminating complete disassembly and costly packing and shipping of components to a shop for service. In some remote locations, disassembly and shipping may not even be possible considering the circumstances. By providing remote vibration analysis we can solve your mechanical vibration problem quickly and easily.

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