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Expert Electric Motor Balancing Services in Middleton, Massachusetts

Hi-Tek Balancing offers electric motor balancing services in Middleton, Massachusetts which is critical for extending the life of electric motors used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications when they are running roughly or at less than optimal performance. An unbalanced motor runs the risk of damaging or even destroying the motor shaft and bearings, causing added system expense and downtime that can affect your operations and/or production. We mount the entire motor on a balancing fixture and the motor shaft is rotated by an external motor to ensure that the only contributions to the vibration data is the dynamic unbalance of the motor, and not it’s operating noise. This process enables us to ensure that electric motor operators need to rebalance either component when the unit is returned to its application.

About Hi-Tek Balancing

Established in 1998 by Kent Fager, Hi-Tek Balancing provides industrial balancing, vibration analysis, tooling, machining, and welding to a wide range of industries. With their new custom facility completed in 2004, Hi-Tek has the capacity for large components in our 4500 sq foot building where they house a 10 ton overhead crane suitable for up to 20,000 pounds to be offloaded directly from flatbed trucks.

Why Choose Hi-Tek Balancing?

Our highly-skilled technicians can balance rotors of nearly any size and weight at your location, keeping your production line on schedule without having to disassemble your machine and prepare it for shipping. Hi-Tek’ on-site dynamic balancing services reduces machinery oscillations and vibrations resulting in fewer machinery breakdowns and the expansion on your equipments life.






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