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Expert Micro Balancing Services in Arlington, Texas

Hi-Tek Balancing offers micro balancing for small rotors under 1 pound in weight in Arlington, Texas exceeding ISO 1940-1 specifications where precision machined tooling and balancing arbors are required on shaft sizes under 1/4 inch in diameter. Small diameter shafts and bore fits can be expensive and difficult to machine where only a few tenths of a thousandth of an inch variable in the mounting bore can make the arbor fit go from loose to a very tight press fit. Micro balancing can mean two things; it can refer to very tight tolerance balancing of rotating parts or it can refer to the component size. Micro balancing is a process in which rotating parts are mounted or rested on a force-measuring fixture in a dynamic balancing machine and spun to speeds high enough to measure the unbalance forces. Micro balancing requires the skills of a highly experienced dynamic balancing technician and the ability to measure and understand tenths of thousandths of an inch and sometimes even millionths of an inch. At HI-TEK Balancing, we’ve successfully utilized micro balancing to process rotating parts as small as a pencil eraser weighing only a few grams.

About Hi-Tek Balancing

Established in 1998 by Kent Fager, Hi-Tek Balancing provides industrial balancing, vibration analysis, tooling, machining, and welding to a wide range of industries. With their new custom facility completed in 2004, Hi-Tek has the capacity for large components in our 4500 sq foot building where they house a 10 ton overhead crane suitable for up to 20,000 pounds to be offloaded directly from flatbed trucks.

Why Choose Hi-Tek Balancing?

Our highly-skilled technicians can balance rotors of nearly any size and weight at your location, keeping your production line on schedule without having to disassemble your machine and prepare it for shipping. Hi-Tek’ on-site dynamic balancing services reduces machinery oscillations and vibrations resulting in fewer machinery breakdowns and the expansion on your equipments life.






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