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What Kind of Equipment Do We Service?

We know not everyone is an expert on vibration analysis and our other services. This month we’d like to explain a few of the types of equipment that we work on. These pieces of equipment are used in many kinds of homes, institutions and workplaces.

Gears are used in a great variety of machines.Gearboxes – Gearbox is just another name for “transmission”. This part is used in all vehicles and many more types of machinery. The purpose of the gearbox is to mechanically transfer energy from one device to another. A wind turbine is an example of a very large gearbox.

Centrifuges and Mixers – Laboratories use these tools often. The purpose of a centrifuge is to harness centripetal acceleration to separate solids or liquids. One common example of this technology is a washing machine, which spins clothes really fast in order to propel as much water out of them as possible. Mixers are designed for the opposite task, and scientific procedures often call for evenly mixed solutions. Other common uses of mixers include food preparation and concrete work.

CNC Milling Systems – Milling systems are used to make metal or other solid parts. CNC stands for computer numerical control, so CNC milling systems are digitally automated. These machines can be accurately controlled to less than .025 mm, which allows for the manufacturing of tiny and complex parts. The solid object is cut into the designed shape by a milling cutter which rotates very fast. In modern systems, the computer provides the ability to digitally design the part and automate the manufacturing process.

Industrial Shredders – Industrial shredders are designed to reduce material into much smaller pieces. Materials that are commonly shredded are tires, metals, wrecked cars, wood, plastic and garbage; although the number one most shredded material is paper. When shredding cars, batteries and chemicals are removed beforehand. The shredded materials are then separated and reused if possible.

Cooling Towers – Cooling towers are used for heat removal – what a self-explanatory name!  Machines can get really hot for a variety of reasons, so cooling systems are needed to keep everything running smoothly. Water evaporation and air flow are two of the most common processes. Motors and fans are used to move the air and water in many of these systems. Examples of places that use cooling towers are oil refineries, chemical plants (including petrochemical), thermal power stations and HVAC systems for cooling buildings.

If any of these machines can be found in your workplace or home, you should consider checking out our Predictive Maintenance Service Program. It’s important to make sure you catch any malfunctions before they turn into disasters. Call us and we’ll be more than happy to help you out!

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