Dynamic Balancing Services

High Quality Dynamic balancing is required  for all types of rotating Machinery including Fans, Blowers, air handlers and propellers, impellers , motors  and other special rotating components from every industry imaginable. Balancing in our shop is performed on OEM parts and repaired parts before installation. Almost any component from a few grams to 20,000 pounds can be Dynamically or statically balanced in our shop. Field portable balancing can be performed on any rotating machinery at your facility. While portable field  balancing is similar in process to static and  dynamic balancing in a balancing machine, at our facility, In–situ Balancing can difficult to undertake because it often has to be conducted under less than ideal conditions.

Dynamic balancing equipment in situ (where it is installed) can be made difficult where system resonance exists. Knowing how to identify a system that is in resonance is an important part of a balancing technician’s job. The best portable balancing electronics use four-channel data acquisition.  Understanding telltale signs in the raw vibration data can tell you when system resonance is present. The trigger for making a call that a system is resonance usually starts with the technician having difficulty making balance corrections that produce efficient results.  Skilled Technicians like at HI-TEK can detect that before spending valuable time experimenting.

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