Portable Balancing Services

Portable dynamic balancing is required for turbines, fans, and propellers and other rotating components in machinery that cannot be removed from the field and brought to a balancing facility. While portable balancing is similar in process to static dynamic balancing, it is much more difficult to undertake because it often has to be conducted under less than ideal conditions that are beyond the control of the portable dynamic balancing technicians.

Dynamic balancing equipment in situ (where it is installed) is much more difficult where system resonance exists. Knowing how to identify a system that is in resonance is an important part of a balancing technician’s job. Most portable balancing electronics use two-channel or four-channel data acquisition, and there are telltale signs in the raw balancing data. The trigger for making a call that a system is in resonance usually starts with the technician having difficulty making balance corrections that produce efficient results.

All types of rotating machinery need to be balanced and checked regularly, including blowers, fans, generators, and much more. Some types of equipment that may need portable balancing include power plants, utilities, mills and other manufacturing facilities.

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